Web Design

In order to provide best environment for Web Design testing and development, I’ve build up my own server, in the beginning it was running OpenBSD, but later on I had to migrate to FreeBSD and eventually to Ubuntu due to the lack of time to maintain Unix.
Since I like to have physical access to the server, I am hosting it at home. It is connected to network via Cable Internet with dynamic IP, therefore domain needs to be updated every time IP changes. For DNS I use Free DNS. Free DNS offers is so reliable that I noticed problems only twice in ten years.
Server is accessible on stwoo.net and back in the day it was developed with Python, but now it’s written in PHP and it doesn’t have that much of the functionality.


The Idea of site behind this is to provide interface for the clients so that they can keep track of the development progress of the project or ask about features without having to contact me directly or via contact form, but also to provide some functionality for me as well.
Server is mainly used for Web Design, either front-end or back-end, but also for some other things like NAS, networking etc.
As a perfectionist I tend to make everything as simple as possible in order to reduce memory footprint, load times and to make it visually appealing. List of my works can be found on my Portfolio.

With over 15 years of experience in administration of computers, development and research, I can brag about my skills but also offer them as services.

  • Web Design


  • Front-end


  • Back-end


  • Fine Arts


  • Digital Art


  • Photo & Edit


  • Sys administration

Unix, MacOS
Linux, Windows

  • Web Administration

Apache, cPanel
WebMin, WordPress…

  • Programming

Assembly, C, C++
Python, Perl…

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