Administrative Complications

It’s been a while since I wrote something, well, actually it’s been a while since I had time to work on something, but as I am officially on vacation, there’s time to finish up some things and by things I mean website. Well everything would be super easy only if it wasn’t me… Everything is complicated with me, starting with laws and regulations.
You see, I live in Europe, but, bad thing is, this is not European Union country, even tho we are on the path to become member of EU (for last 20 years…). Laws over here are old and we can’t do much about it. For example, to register a TLD country code (.ba) you have to go trough annoying paperwork. This procedure requires you to fill an application and sign it with pencil so that NIC can keep it in their possesion in case you do something illegal with your domain (host warez, spam…) you are responsible for it. From my experience, NIC people are not pain in the ass and they will allow the domain ASAP they get the application you sent via Post. However, Post tends to be really slow…

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