Drawing Technique

Every artist have favorite technique, be it hard rock, painting, drama… Mine is drawing. Weather it be graphite or colored pencil, I really love to hold the pencil in the hand and draw.

For most of people, drawing is associated only with sketching, however for artists of my genre this is way more.

To hold a pencil in the hand and sketch some shape takes only several minutes, however to draw realistic figure takes much more. It is not easy to display all details of such artwork as every line, every dot, every bit of the work is there for a reason and to be honest, it takes whole bunch of patience and time to cover entire drawing.

I usually draw on A4 format, 90 – 120 g sketch paper. As the paper is larger, it involves more pain to deal with. Larger artworks require a whole lot of attention and there is whole lot of ways to mess everything up, longer time to draw, more pain in the neck..

Larger pieces are also more prone to incidents like coffee spillage, water spillage, parrot damage. In such cases it is very important to have dedicated place where to draw, be it studio, work table, sofa or whatever, which is most comfortable for profile of person. I like to sit by work table and that is my spot.

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